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Temasek Trust Conversation

Temasek Trust Conversation (TTC) is one of Asia’s philanthropic-focused conference to facilitate dialogue and insightful panel discussions among experienced practitioners and thought-leaders on today’s giving landscape.

Organised by Temasek Trust, the Temasek Trust Conversation (TTC) is a signature event held annually to inspire and enable giving. The 5th edition of TTC themed "New Pathways of Philanthropy" - reinventing how we do good was held on 3 November, 2020.

In TTC 2020, we discussed the innovative ways in which new pathways of philanthropy have been forged in the face of COVID-19. With the enormity and complexity of issues, the power of collaborative philanthropy has come into focus. The economic, social and health impacts of COVID-19 will outpace every donated dollar unless we are flexible and open in our approach to new ways of doing good. These new pathways of philanthropy that we see in the face of COVID-19 could be the catalyst to unlock bigger pools of funds and new ways of giving in future.

With adversity comes opportunity – the opportunity to step outside of the box and reinvent how we do good during bad times. This pandemic has given us more reasons to push the boundaries of doing good and create new pathways of philanthropy for the better good. In the process, humanity wins.

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